Points earned per dance in the group competition (or the qualifying professional competition) are:

A first place will earn you 6 points

A second place will earn you 5 points

A third place will earn you 4 points

A fourth place will earn you 3 points

A fifth place will earn you 2 points

A sixth place will earn you 1 point

A seventh place will earn you 1 point

An eighth place will earn you 1 point

All Competitors dancing in the first round or quarterfinal and not making it to the Semifinal will receive 1 point towards the tour. Competitors dancing in the semifinal round but not making it to the final/wildcard position will receive 2 points towards the tour.

A "wildcard" couple will be selected by the audience watching the semifinal of the Open Latin or Smooth competition from those couples that did not make it into the final. They will participate in the showdance of the Star Latin and Smooth tours only (they will not dance in the final of the group competition) and they will earn 3 points total going into the solo dance

Additionally couples will earn 2 points total for placing in the semifinal and all participating couples who do not place in the semifinal will automatically receive 1 point total.

In the Star Tour “Showdance” portion of the competition, each couple including the audience’s “wildcard” will perform a solo routine. Routines should be 3 minutes or less, any couple that dances over three minute will get a deduction of a point per second over 3 minutes.  (eg. if you dance 3 minutes and 10 seconds, 10 points will be deducted from your final tally during that leg of the tour) and this score carries forward. There are no restrictions on material. Props can only be used if they are attached to the dancer or costume. Nothing can be placed on the floor as “scenery” including chairs. No extra people can assist in the routine during or at the beginning or end. The seven couples will dance in order of their placements in the group event with the wildcard performing first followed by the finalists in reverse order of placement. 9 judges will be selected at random to judge the solo routine.

The judges will award 5 different scores for each couple.

  1. Storyline and Artistry (was the routine more than just steps, did the routine have a storyline, did they bring their storyline forward through musicality and interpretation). 20 points.
    2. Difficulty. (Were the steps easy to do or was it a difficult routine) 20 points
    3. Technical performance. (entrances and exits, connections etc.) Points should be deducted for any obvious errors – missed lifts, missed connections, falls, etc. 25 points
    4. Creativity and originality (is the routine clever, were there any groupings that were unique even if they were not performed well). 25 points
    5. Clarity. (Was the work clear and easy to follow, both physically as well as developmentally) 10 points

We also feel that in order to keep the point system as balanced and fair as is humanly possible in the Showdance portion of the competition, the highest judge’s score and the lowest score for each couple will be eliminated. Then the Showdance scores will be averaged and added to the group competition points towards the result.

As in the previous tour, we will have the audience-voting feature.  As we mentioned, the audience will be asked to vote for the couples in the semifinal and the couple with the highest number of votes, but not selected by the judges for the group final, will participate in the showdance portion of the event. The audience can vote via text or internet.  The tour will be streamed live so audience members at home can still vote.  

The audience will vote again following the solo presentations and this vote will also count toward the amount of points the couples receive. The audience vote is tabulated in percentage up to 100% meaning each couple will receive a percentage score and this will be converted to points.  If a couple receives 30% of the vote they will automatically receive half the points 15 extra points towards their final tally in the solo competition. Voting will end a minimum of 5 minutes after the last couple performs their solo routine. And all scores will be added and tabulated and a winner and placements will be announced and rewarded.

In the event of a technical problem with the internet connection that effects the livestream and/or polling system and is beyond the control of the Star Tours, the audience vote will not be used. The results will then be determined by the judges’ scores only, from both the group competition and solo performances. The wildcard selection will be canceled.

The couple with the most points at each leg will win that leg of the Tour.  Prize money at each leg will be awarded for this.
Also $500.00 will be awarded by us to the audience’s favorite couple in the solo presentations in addition to the prize money awarded for that leg of the tour by the organizer.

In the event of a tie for any position in the overall tour, a dance-off will be used. The two couples will be asked to draw for a dance then a minimum of 3 judges will make their decision.

City Lights Open or soon to be called “San Jose Open” (2017) will be a double-point event, that means double points will be given at the City Lights (San Jose Open) competition where the finale will take place, January 2017. The couples must attend a minimum of 60% the competitions advertised in each tour in addition to City Lights (San Jose Open) to qualify for the grand prize.  (So in this year’s tours couples must compete in a minimum of 10 competitions in each style and this includes “Official and Points Only events)

Couples must be present and compete at the City Lights (San Jose Open) Competition in January 2017 to qualify for the grand prize of the Star Tour, and it is not counted as an event attended. Couples most attend 60% of the tour, to qualify for any money.

This year’s Tours will include events that do not offer the solo portion, they will be known as Star Tour Points Only events. In these events couples will only receive points for the freestyle segment of the Tours according to the above values. These points will be accrued towards the couples’ overall totals in the tour. There will be no wildcard selection at these events and no additional prize money for those legs of the Tours. Check the list of participating events for full details and exceptions.

We also want to reiterate that everyone is welcome to support the competition and participate in the Open Latin and Smooth events at the competition, regardless of whether they wish to participate in the Star Tours.  If for any reason a couple does not want to be part of the Star Tour but still want to compete in the Latin and Smooth events, you just have to let us know before the competition starts, so we can make any changes necessary to our selections. They will still accrue their freestyle points that will be added to their overall total in the Star Tour.


Prize Money

  • 1st place: 25,000.00

  • 2nd place: 8,000.00

  • 3rd place: 6,000.00

  • 4th place: 5,000.00

  • 5th place: 4,000.00

  • 6th place: 3,000.00

  • 7th place: 2,000.00

  • 8th place: 2,000.00

  • 9th place: 2,000.00

  • 10th place: 2,000.00

  • 11th place: 2,000.00

  • 12th place: 2,000.00