Star Tour "Points Only" Disclaimer: In these events couples will only receive points for the freestyle segment (no Solos).  These points will be accrued towards the couples’ overall totals in the tour.  There will be no wildcard selection at these events and no additional prize money for those legs of the Tours.

*The STAR TOUR will be making a stop at Ohio Star Ball this November with a “Points Only” process for the Latin and Smooth divisions. If this changes to a full “official Tour Stop” we will let you know.

Star Tour “Points Only” events (no solos)          
# Smooth Results Latin Results Month
1 Wisconsin State   Wisconsin State   April
2 Millennium Dancesport   Millennium Dancesport   June
3 Capital Dancesport   Capital Dancesport   August
4 Hawaii Star Ball   BBC & C   September
5     Hawaii Star Ball   September
6 Caribbean Classic       November
Star Tour official events! (with solos)          
# Smooth Results Latin Results Month
1 American Star Ball       May
2 Colorado Star Ball   Yankee Classic   June
3 Twin Cities Open   Volunteer State Dancesport   July
4     International Grand Ball   July
5 NV Ball   Killick Klassic   August
6 BBC&C       September
7 Chicago Harvest Moon Ball   Orange Country Dancesport   October
8 Autumn Classic   Hollywood Dancesport   October
9 Ohio Star Ball   Caribbean Classic   November
10     Ultimate Dancesport   November
11     Ohio Star Ball   November
12     Kings Ball   December
13 The Snow Ball       January
14 Nashville Starz       January
15             The Finale at City Lights Open for Smooth & Latin January